FUSION is a State-of-the-Art Content Management and Collaboration Platform, which bridges the gap between the physical and digital world via Augmented Reality (AR), Virtual Reality (VR) and Mixed Reality (MR). Fusion integrates Live, Virtual and Constructive (LVC) data and renders live cross-platform AAA (Triple A) game level 3D visualizations for current and emerging AR/VR/MR devices. Fusion Constructive raises the bar on how we generate, integrate, and control LVC Environments.


Access, manage, and control active LVC assets and spaces. Integrate and connect people with tools, guidance and resources to plan and execute complex blended training operations.


Individuals and teams connect from any location to plan, coordinate, direct and control live and virtual training events. Vary intensity, density, scope and scale in real-time.


Connect from desktops, mobile, and emerging AR/VR/MR devices to plan, coordinate and debrief. Execute immersive training using desktops, headsets, part-task or full-scale simulators.

Using Fusion, individuals and teams are able to rapidly and intuitively generate and edit live and virtual training environments using global map data and imagery and is accessible on both current computing devices and emerging VR/AR/MR devices. Once generated, training and safety officers are able to “dial up, dial down” environment intensity and scale.

Fusion provides customizable interfaces, tools and resources for more effective, efficient and powerful: Scenario Development and Modeling, Mission Planning, Mission Rehearsal, Briefing, Mission Execution, Mission Reconstruction, Debriefing and Data Analysis.

Key Features

Spatial Editing Environment (SEE™)

Generate virtual environments from 2D & 3D map data, 3D drone & interior scans and aerial or satellite imagery to virtualize any real world location. Allows users to navigate environments in 1st person, 3rd person, perspective, orthographic, aerial, gods eye and free-cam views. Place 3D models to augment the virtual environment and/or see the 3D virtual objects in AR at precise locations in the real world.

Trainers edit environments generated by SEE to increase or decrease stress levels by dialing up or down threat and scenario complexity and intensity by placing constructive objects or 3D models on the virtual battle space or by adjusting the AI’s complexity via simple slider bars. All constructive and 3D objects are immediately visible in the virtual environment and in AR at precise locations in the real world.

GIS, IoT & Sensor Data Integration

Fusion powered GIS, IoT and sensor integration allows total information capture and visualization of training events for instant reconstruction or live tracking during C2 ops, more informed de-briefing by allowing users to play, pause rewind and fast forward, zoom in and out so participants can review from all angles to capture accurate lessons learned for future training and materials.

Fusion interfaces with leading GIS sources including ESRI ArcGIS, Google Maps, Bing Maps, and many others (16 providers, 88 map types). An easy-to-use API allows for custom solutions. Process and visualize external/remote systems data from sensors, cameras, data centers, GPS enabled devices, ground & air vehicles via GPS, TSPI & DIS data streaming and more.

Heads Up Desktop Display (HUDD™)

Fusion’s Heads Up Desktop Display interface delivers intuitive access to stored applications, documents, videos, images and more. Web and enterprise repository search capabilities allow you to find and access needed information and content on the fly.

An on-the-screen Constructive object library allows users to build out LVC scenarios and dial-up/dial-down complexity before and during live training exercises. Upload custom constructive objects and content, Manage content through an intuitive spatial directory.


Power up collaborative activities by enabling users to not just collaborate about jobs they then proceed to do as individuals. With Fusion’s in-world, fully functional cloud workstations, teams are able to execute their roles in the Fusion environment as a team. Users see and interact with other users’ avatars in the virtual environment through VoIP, file sharing, email, messaging, and more.

Fusion is designed as an environment to empower teams to execute entire processes from scenario development to live C2 & collaboration through reconstuction, debriefing and analysis.

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